How to sign up

The competition is open for all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at a European university. Gather a team of two to four students and sign up. No team? Find one through our Mix & Match site.

The case

The case will be available Wednesday March 1st at 10 am (CET). After the case has been uploaded, the teams have 22 hours to solve the case. Submit your solution no later than Thursday March 2nd at 8 am (CET). Late submissions will not be accepted.

Include 1 page Executive Summary (written in Word, converted to PDF), and max. 15 PowerPoint slides in a PDF format. The Executive Summary and the PowerPoint slides should be merged into one PDF-file. Please see the subsequent rules for more details.

Rules and format

Strict adherence to the rules below is required during the competition. Failure to comply with the rules may ultimately result in disqualification from the competition. Any doubts or disputes will ultimately be cleared by the Steering and Case Committees, who have final authority in all matters related to the rules and the competition. If clarification is needed on an issue during the competition, please send an email to and Any communication between the Case Committee and a team still in the competition will be revealed to all teams simultaneously through email.



An overall spirit of sportsmanship is expected from all participants throughout the duration of the competition.


Any violation of the rules may result in disqualification of the team. Any decision of disqualification is final.


All materials produced during the CBS Case Competition, including the teams’ presentations, photos and video are the
rightful property of CBS Case Competition.




A team in CBS Case Competition OPEN must consist of 2-4 students at a university or business school in one of the selected European countries.


Exchange students and visiting full-time students at institutions that fall under §4 are eligible, as are students that are
on exchange from the institutions specified in §4 (e.g. a student from University of Southern Denmark on exchange in


The case will be available for download at the CBS Case Competition OPEN website, after the case launch event Wednesday at 10.00 CET, March 1 2017, or available in hard-copy at select institutions.


The teams must hand in their final solution before Thursday 08.00 CET, March 2 2017. Late submission are not accepted.
No modifications are allowed after hand-in.

Case solving


Teams are not allowed to receive outside help during the competition.


Teams are allowed to use all reference materials including text books, online sources, etc. This includes non-public
reference material obtained through e.g. university agreements or through student positions, when properly referenced
in the slides.



Each team must hand in one file: A single pdf-file, containing an executive summary of their solution to the case, plus a presentation detailing their solution.


The executive summary must not exceed one page.


The presentation must not exceed 15 slides (including e.g. frontpage or appendix).


The slides in the presentation should be in widescreen format (16:9).


Animations in the slideshow are not allowed.

Finalist selection

Summary: The top 9 teams will be semifinalists, and are invited late Thursday to present their solutions at the CBS Campus
on Friday.


Evaluation criteria for the case is presented in the case material.


The top 9 solutions will be selected by CBS Case Competition and will be notified before 14.00 CET on Thursday March 2. After notification, the teams must immediately forward an exact copy of their presentation in pptx.-format.


A set of 9 semi finalist teams will be selected by the Boston Consulting Group, a 2017 Preferred Partner of CBS Case Competition. The teams will be notified on Thursday March 2 before 14.00 CET.

The finals


Each finalist team will present their solution in front of a panel of judges and audience. The .pptx-file the team handed in
will be shown on a projector behind the team, controllable via a clicker that is handed to the team.


Each presentation will consist of a 15-minute presentation by the team, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. The team will be notified when five minutes and one minute remains, both during their presentation and Q&A.


Teams are allowed to watch other teams’ presentations after they have presented themselves, but not before.


After all presentations are over, the panel of judges will select the winners of CBS Case Competition Open.