Welcome to Week 9

Turn time back 8 months: March 16th. Two weeks after week 9 in CBS Case Competition 2015. After having been part of the Organizing Committee last year, we were addressed with the opportunity of becoming the Steering Committee of CBS Case Competition 2016. We were handed the ‘keys to the office’ from last year’s Steering Committee and received the subtle comment: “Enjoy it! It’s going to the ride of your lives”.

Well, just how do you take the reigns of a project like this? Despite having been part of last year’s Organizing Committee, some uncertainty was still evident. Week 9 was still fresh in our minds, and the excitement to rebuild this organization once again was incomparable.

The Role of the Steering Committee
As the Steering Committee, our responsibilities include a wide range of tasks, the first ones being to recruit the 32 ambitious voluntary students who make up the Organizing Committee, determining the strategic direction of the current year’s competition, and establishing the budget for the year. However, being a student, experiences with recruiting, leading, and managing an organization are rather limited, so how exactly does one address this situation? We are very fortunate to have a range of experienced people around, willing to support us at any time. On a daily basis, we spar with the Board of Directors and our consulting partner, the Boston Consulting Group, and equally important, we share insights and responsibility between the two of us and try to complement each other in a productive way. This makes the role of the steering committee challenging but also very inspiring and interesting.

CBS Case Competition is a 360° Learning Experience
One of our values within CBS Case Competition states that ‘We are a talent factory’. This is something we look to incorporate in everything we do – be it the learning experience of participating in one of our case competitions, collaborating with one of our Preferred Partners, or from working together within the organization to create the best possible product for everyone involved – and being part of the Steering Committee is no exception.

As such, we can vouch for the fact that we have experienced a steep learning curve, and that we are continuously learning a lot. The dedication all around is overwhelming, and the reward is beyond expectation – not only from seeing the projects that one launched blossoming throughout the year, but more to feel the excitement and motivation surrounding the entire organization and being witness to individuals taking ownership of projects and following their personal developments.

CBS Case Competition 2016
This year, we have worked to encourage all of the Organizing Committee groups to take an innovative approach to their responsibilities of CBS Case Competition 2016. Immediately, great new initiatives were emerging, and we are beyond amazed by the hard work and excitement that everyone in the organization is showing!

Therefore, knowing what’s in store, we truly look forward to seeing you at our events throughout the year and especially in week 9 for this year’s CBS Case Competition where we guarantee lifetime experiences!