What is Business Battlefield?

Business Battlefield is an one-day event taking place in the fall of 2017, with 8 teams of ambitious, aspiring students from Copenhagen Business School, battling against each other in four key areas vital to act as a successful leader. Students will be challenged on their skills within Logical Reasoning, Collaboration, Negotiation, and Pitching, and each challenge will take an hour with 15-minute breaks in-between.

The teams will have a unique opportunity to present and excel on their personal and cognitive skills in front of prominent jury consisting of top professionals carefully selected for each challenge. The winning team will receive an amazing prize in addition to the title as the Business Battlefield champions.

The Foundation

Business Battlefield was founded in 2016 as a sister-event to CBS Case Competition in the occasion of Copenhagen Business School’s 100 year anniversary. For 100 years CBS has been educating leaders that have been serving in various positions all over the world. Today we wish to challenge the contemporary characteristics of a leader, and find the ultimate leaders of tomorrow.

Business Battlefield, 2017, is the first of its kind both nationally and internationally. With support and help from the prominent premium partner, Heidrick&Struggles, Business Battlefield has been developed around the necessary characteristics and skillset that successful leaders should possess. The twist? We want to track what characteristics the worlds future leaders will be possessing.

Our Mission and Vision

We want Business Battlefield to be the first of its kind in challenging the contemporary characteristics of a leader. In a world where disruption, environmental issues, articificial intelligence and constant innovation are the most discussed business topics, we strive to identify the individuals that have the potential to successfully enter the world of leaders and make a change. The purpose of Business Battlefield is to offer students an inspiring experience and opportunity to exploit and challenge their leadership skills. The concept bridges the theoretical knowledge from academia with real-life leadership challenges preparing the participants for a career as a leader.

Why Participate in Business Battlefield?

As a participant in Business Battlefield, you will get the chance to participate and win the world's first and only event that seeks to challenge the contemporary characteristics of a leader. This will be a unique opportunity for you to exploit and challenge your own leadership capabilities as well as those of others, and set the bar for the leaders of tomorrow.

Connecting Academia and Business

Business Battlefield gives you the opportunity to connect the learning, knowledge, and interpersonal skills you posses with real-life assessment of becoming a future leader. You will not only be assessed on the final solution, but on the process before, during and after finalizing a task displaying your true inner leader.

Training with Experts

Two training days with four top professional companies specializing in each of the challenges will give the participants the opportunity to obtain concrete tools, tips and knowledge that are typically not included in educational programs, but are proven to be necessary to possess for a successful leader. A half-day session is scheduled with each expert partner, where participants will be trained in specific skills as well as receive feedback. The purpose is to increase the overall standard and value of the event, and provide each participant with a fair and equal level of base knowledge needed to excel in each challenge.


In addition to battling other aspiring business students, participants will also have plenty of opportunity to network with key stakeholders, professionals, and top leaders from Denmark. This is a chance for you to build relationships and mark yourself with potential future employers, and discover more about the world of leadership.

All Expenses Paid

All partipants will have all meals and beverages covered during the two-day training session as well as during and after the event on November 9.


Students will be challenged on their skills within Logical Reasoning, Collaboration, Negotiation, and Pitching, and each challenge will take an hour with 15-minute breaks in-between.

Training Session

Prior to the event, the selected participants will receive training as preparation for each challenge. The training will be conducted over a 2 day span between 8.00 – 16.00, Thursday and Friday the week before Business Battlefield. Representatives from each of the four expert companies will provide you with the tools, skills and knowledge needed to increase the value and output of your performance. You will be trained both individually as well as in teams, and mock cases will be provided for you. The training aims to raise the bar and ensure that all participants have the same point of departure. How to excel in each challenge will thereafter be up to each one of the participants.

How to Apply

Participants for Business Battlefield apply individually. All students must be enrolled at Copenhagen Business School. You must fill out and upload an application form and your CV. The application form may not exceed 2 pages. Your CV must contain your contact information. 32 participants will be selected to participate in the Business Battlefield the 9th of November, 2017. Participating in the Business Battlefield is free, and meals and beverages will be covered during training days and on the day of the event.

Should you have any questions regarding Business Battlefield, do not hesitate to contact the head coordinators: bb.info@casecompetition.com