What is the Invitational?

CBS Case Competition is an annual case competition event where business school students compete against each other in solving a present challenge in a large company.

When is the Competition?

The competition takes place 24 February to 3 March 2018.

Who can Apply?

We have an application-based selection process in order to obtain greater diversity. We are accepting applications from all universities that are interested in participating in CBS Case Competition. In order to be eligible for participation each team has to be supported by a faculty advisor from the respective university. Our selection criteria are based on the following:

  • A prominent case team of four undergraduate students
  • The team’s desire for creating a fun, dynamic and competitive environment
  • Case solving experience
  • A diverse group composition


All expenses regarding accommodation, food etc. are covered by CBS Case Competition, except flight tickets to and from Copenhagen

Rules and Format

Strict adherence to the rules below is required during the competition. Failure to comply with the rules may ultimately result in disqualification from the competition. Any doubts or disputes will ultimately be cleared by the Steering and Case Committees, who have final authority in all matters related to the rules and the competition. If clarification is needed on an issue during the competition, please send an email to case@casecompetition.com. Any communication between the Case Committee and a team still in the competition will be revealed to all teams simultaneously through email.

Teams will participate in a smaller case competition on Monday in Week 9. The results of the Monday competition will not count towards the evaluation for the main competition, but will be used for seeding the teams in preliminary rounds.

How to Apply

We would like your faculty advisor to write half a page motivational letter and tell us why you should be selected to compete in our competition.

Preliminary deadline is August 25, 2017 and final deadline is September 15, 2017.

Apply Here

General Rules of CBS Case Competition 2018

§1. An overall spirit of sportsmanship is expected from all participants throughout the duration of the competition.

§2. Any violation of the rules may result in disqualification of the team. Any decision of disqualification is final.

§3. All materials produced during the CBS Case Competition, including the teams’ presentations, photos and video are the rightful property of CBS Case Competition.


§4. Each team prepares and presents one case solution during the competition, according to the case given. All teams must produce one PowerPoint presentation.

§5. The teams will receive the case, at the case launch event Wednesday at 9.30, March 2nd 2016.

§6. The teams must hand in their final presentation before Thursday 18.00 CET, March 2 2016. Late submission are not accepted. No modifications are allowed after hand-in.

§7. All additional activities related to case solving, will be contained within the 32 hours allotted to case solving


§8. Each team is allotted to a preparation room, in which the case should be solved. During the case solving, all case material must remain in the preparation room. All case material includes the case itself, the computers and all reference material.

§9. Each team is allowed to bring an unlimited number of textbooks, reference material items and computers. Reference material items are defined as any form of notes, compendiums/readers, collections of articles and the like.

§10. The teams are not allowed to discuss the case, their own presentation or other teams’ presentations with anyone, except when this is explicitly part of the case format. The team does NOT include the faculty advisor, faculty host or the team host.

§11. Each team is given one USB-stick. Their presentation must be stored on this device.

§12. The team hosts will collect their team’s USB-stick when they are ready to hand in their presentation. If technical problems arise, the CBS Case Competition Officials can assist the team, but it is ultimately the team’s own responsibility that their presentation is handed in before the deadline.


§13. Presentations must be made in English using Microsoft PowerPoint .pptx files. The teams’ presentations must be compatible with standard Microsoft PowerPoint suite. The teams may use notes and/or cue cards during the presentations.

§14. Slides must be in widescreen format (16:9).

§15. Each team will have a slide limit of maximum 50 slides. It is at the discretion of each team to decide how to allocate these 50 slides between main presentation and appendix slides.

§16. Each team will be given the right to see the presentation rooms the night before the preliminary rounds. Additionally, the teams will have 30 minutes of practice time on the morning of the preliminary rounds in a preparation room.

The facutly advisors are not allowed to communicate with their teams from the case launch at 9.30 on Wednesday the 1st of March until their team has finished their final presentation, this being the preliminary round presentation or final presentation. This means that the faculty advisors will not allowed to consult the team under the practice of their presentation.


§17. The evaluation criteria will be described in the case.

§18. In the preliminary rounds, each team will be assigned to one of three groups, and will compete against the other three teams in that group.

§19. CBS Case Competition will apply seeding for the preliminary rounds by using the results from the Monday competition.

§20. In the preliminary rounds, each team will present their solution to a panel of judges. The judges will select one team from each of the three pools to qualify for the final round. Following final round presentations, the panel of judges will select the winner of CBS Case Competition.

§21. In the preliminary rounds, each presentation will consist of a 15-minute presentation followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. The presenting team will be notified when five minutes and one minute remains, both during their presentation and Q&A.

§23. The presentations in the preliminary rounds will not count in the final evaluation.

§24. In the preliminary rounds, faculty advisors may attend the presentations of the four teams in the pool in which their own team is competing. However, once a faculty advisor enters the room for the preliminary round he/she cannot leave until after the last presentation. Should a team qualify for the final round, their faculty advisor is not allowed to communicate with the team until after the final round is complete.

§25. The three finalists will present the same PowerPoint presentations as used in the preliminary rounds – no modifications of any kind are allowed between the preliminary round and the final round.

§26. The finalists will be allowed 35 minutes of additional preparation time before presenting in the final round.

§27. In the final round, each presentation will consist of a 15-minute presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A. The presenting team will be notified when five minutes and one minute remains, both during their presentation and Q&A. During the Q&A, teams will be asked questions from the Jury. The audience is able to simultaneously ask and upvote questions on a moderated online platform. Teams can get up to 2 questions from the audience in this way.

§28. The finalists are not allowed to watch any of the other finalists’ presentations preceding their own.

§29. In the final round, faculty advisors may attend all presentations.


§30. Participants must bring their own computers.

§31. The teams are allowed to use all Internet resources including the online resources accessible through the CBS Library, located on Remote access, in order to research and prepare their case solution. Passwords and usernames will be provided during the case week.

§32. The CBS Case Competition Officials will assist the teams with all computer-related issues, but teams will not be given more time for case preparation in the event of technical problems with the PCs. The CBS Case Competition will not be able to provide backup equipment in the event of computer-related issues.

§33. Each team will have the opportunity to print one time with a maximum of 100 sheets of paper. If the team would like a hard-copy of their presentation, they are responsible for printing it themselves before the time of hand-in of their presentation.