CBS Case Competition OPEN is an incredible learning journey in which ANY student can participate. It is your chance to explore your potential by competing in a business case competition with a real-life company case - and you will compete against teams from universities across Europe! The competition will push your boundaries whilst maintaining a strong focus on personal development.


OPEN is partly online-based. The case will be launched and revealed in Copenhagen and through our channels. You will have 22 hours to solve the case before handing in 15 PowerPoint-slides through our webpage.

first evaluation is based exclusively upon your power-point solutions. After all the teams are assessed, 12 teams are chosen to take part in semi-finals in Copenhagen on Friday March 2nd. Here, these teams will present their solution in front of a jury. best 3 teams will go through to the finals the same day, and present their solution once again in front of a big crowd and a jury consisting of proven professionals.


The competition kicks off the 28th of February 2018 at 10.00 AM, CET after our big case launch event in Copenhagen. From there, you have 22 hours to work on your solution before the hand-in deadline on 1st of March 2018 at 07:59 AM, CET.

Finals take place on 2nd of March.


OPEN is literally what it says on the cover – pretty much anyone can apply. Both Danish & International students are encouraged to apply from any programme at undergraduate or graduate level. Our only requirements are that you must enter in a team of 4.

To be eligible to participate in the finals, you have to be situated in Northern Europe for logistical reasons.

Don’t worry if you can’t get a team together initially – we have a Facebook Group dedicated to putting teams together!


Why not? Case-solving is one of the most sought after skills that employers are looking for, and what better way to improve yours participating in OPEN? You will be solving a real-life case and receiving extensive custom-made feedback from consultants at our partner QVARTZ, regardless of how far you make it.

We won’t just send you in there without any help. To prepare you for the competition, you can access our Case Training.

And you know what? There’s even a cash prize of DKK 30.000 for the winners and a privileged opportunity of a day with one of our partners, free of choice!

General Rules of CBS Case Competition OPEN 2018

§1. An overall spirit of sportsmanship is expected from all participants throughout the duration of the competition.

§2. Any violation of the rules may result in disqualification of the team. Any decision of disqualification is final.

§3. All materials produced during the CBS Case Competition, including the teams’ presentations, photos and video are the rightful property of CBS Case Competition.


§4. The teams will receive the case Wednesday February 28th 2018 at 10.00 CET.

§5. The teams prepare one case solution during the competition, according to the case given.

§6. All teams must produce one PowerPoint presentation and one executive summary respectively. Presentations and executive summary must be made in English.

§7. The presentation should be maximum 15 slides and uploaded as both a .pdf and a .pptx file in a 16:9 format.

§8. The executive summary be maximum one page and should be uploaded as a A4 in a .pdf format.

§9. The teams must hand in their final presentation before Thursday March 1st 2018 at 07.59 CET by the latest. Late submissions are not accepted.

§10. No modifications to presentations are allowed after hand-in deadline.


§11. Evaluation criteria will be described in the case.

§12. All solutions submitted will be reviewed by a competent panel, who will select the best 12 teams to qualify for the semifinal round.

§13. The selected teams will be assigned to one of three groups for the semifinal round.

§14. In the semifinal round, each team will present their solution to a panel of judges. The judges will select one team from each of the three groups to qualify for the final round.

§15. Teams may present their solution in a .pdf version or a .pptx version. Should the team choose to present their solution in a .pptx format, the presentation must be compatible with standard Microsoft PowerPoint suite.

§16. Teams may use notes and/or cue cards during their presentations.

§17. In the semifinal round, each presentation will consist of a 10-minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. The presenting teams will be kept informed of the time remaining whilst presenting both during the main presentation and the Q&A, more specifically when there are five minutes remaining, and then with one minute left.

§18. In the final round, each team will present their solution to a panel of judges, including the executives from the case company. Each presentation will consist of a 25-minute presentation during which judges will be allowed to interrupt with questions. The 25-minute presentation includes four minutes of uninterrupted introduction and one minute of uninterrupted closing remarks. The presenting teams will be notified when the four minutes of uninterrupted presentation time has passed and when five minutes and one minute remain of their presentation.


§19. Teams are allowed to use all resources available to them in order to research and develop their case solution.


Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions Page!